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The poker player’s responsibility

Whether you’re new to poker or already a seasoned professional, every poker player has a responsibility to observe the rules that have been put in place to regulate the poker industry, ensuring that a fair game can be enjoyed by all.

The poker industry is growing rapidly and changing consistently. It has morphed considerably and made great strides in shaking its previously seedy, smoky, if not crime-associated gambling image. The rules governing fair play have done a lot to influence this but there is still more work to do to clear online gaming’s name completely. You only need to look at the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in the US to understand the attitudes towards online poker in America. So, it is in the poker player’s interest to respect the restrictions placed on the game and pokeregulations.com’s aim is to make sure you are fully briefed.

Poker Regulation News

Every week we’ll bring you updates on any revisions to the regulations in online poker both in your home market and internationally. We’re monitoring the UIGEA in the US closely and are following the progress of lobbying organisations such as The Poker Player’s Alliance. As they campaign hard to reinstate the liberties of the American people and their right to play poker online, we’ll report the outcome and bring you news of poker rooms that are still accepting US players and which ones are surviving well in the European market following their withdrawl from the US market.

Pokerbots, Collusion and other no-no’s

The better part of us enjoy playing poker to improve our personal skills and reap the benefits of those improvements with more frequent or bigger wins. For some, unfortunately, the requirement to make money outweighs the passion for the game and carries little respect for the purity of poker practice. This results in some poker rooms becoming loaded with pokerbot software or colluders across several networks. Online poker rooms have strict policies on collusion but it’s worth knowing what you’re up against and how to identify whether you’re being scammed. In our pages on Pokerbots and poker software, we make the distinction between fair software that is designed to enhance your game, like the PokerOffice software that brings you player stats and other information that you can use your skill to interpret to your advantage, versus botting software methods that you can find grinding it out in the lower limit games. We’ll tell you how to recognise if you’re playing against a pokerbot and make you are aware of the different botting strategies that are out there; such as table hopping, bonus hunting and rakeback bots. It’s worth arming yourself with the knowledge of illegal practices in poker so that you can avoid getting mugged by games that are biased by automated systems or groups in collusion.

Poker Playing Rules

In addition to giving you an appreciation of the pitfalls in poker, knowing the rules inside-out also makes you a better player. In this site, we’ll educate you on the playing rules for many poker game variants including Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, H.O.R.S.E and more. By understanding your winning hands and gaming strategies, you’ll develop a more well-rounded game and take an early advantage over less worldly opponents. So why not get swatting today – enjoy fair play poker with pokeregulations.com.

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