Bots in low limit games

Whether poker players like it or not, poker bots are becoming very common in modern day poker playing meaning they are not about to go away. They are in fact getting better and significantly affecting low limit poker games. Using poker bots is cheating although some may beg to differ. Bots have generally changed the manner in which the game is played. Whereas some legitimately made bots, with a team of people who are legitimately playing their bots against one another may be genuine, some bots in themselves are a scam. Take for example the Winholdem bot which colludes with other bots of the same programming to deceive other players or their bots. The Winholdem bots shares information with other bots on the tables which have the same design and show each other the cards at hand. With the cheating in poker coming this far, the game is constantly being put at risk of whether it can be fair.
Bots are undoubtedly taking the fun out of poker for those who play the game for personal fun. This is because players who have their bots play on their behalf, no doubt have no interest in following the way the game goes and only wish to win money or design the best software to beat others in the game. Poker rooms should distinguish between tables with poker bots and those with real people playing. In this way, people who wish to play their bots against other bots can do so and those who wish to play against real players may also be given a chance to do so. Present situations do not give way for this. More often than not, real players find themselves playing against bots, thus making the game openly unfair.

Most people want to play against real people and bet their hard earned money against other people fairly and not an automated system which is pre-informed on how to react to certain moves. Bots, unlike people cannot make a mistake, for example in terms of counting the value of their own cards whereas real humans may confuse an AJ as being lower than a A10. People should therefore be given a chance to compete others who can make such mistakes too. Bots have led to a reduction in the number of people playing poker because it is very difficult to determine which websites have bots playing in them and which ones do not. Even though the number of worldwide players is still relatively large, use of bots has significantly reduced the rate at which online and casino players were getting hooked to the game.

Apart from people who have an interest in computer software, most people opt to avoid the game as they either have no interest in having a bot play for them, do not intend to purchase a bot or cannot design a bot by themselves. The fact of the matter is that a good number of players prefer not to play the game using poker bots.