Collusion in Poker

Collusion, in poker, is a way of cheating that involves two or more players unfairly teaming up to share information or deceive other players. In the case of online poker, it may be so by opening up multiple accounts in the same site and playing them on the same tables. A website such as strictly warns against collusion in the poker rooms. Their Terms and Conditions of Agreement indicate that they retain the right to collect your information, record your games and data and in the case that you are caught colluding, they reserve the right to eject you from the website without consulting you.
The online poker site also prohibits its players from colluding in its Terms and Conditions of Agreement. They do not allow players to open more than one account with them and warn of immediate removal from their database if found colluding with other players. They go on to add: ‘You further acknowledge and accept that we and/or the operator of the shared poker network, reserve the right, both at our sole discretion, to collect, process and record in both our databases any information in connection with your game patterns, personal data, depositing of funds and any other related information and inquiries that will help prevent any fraud, collusion or alike improper behaviors ( The website indicates that if a person is caught colluding, he/she shall not be allowed under any circumstances to join the poker site again. Such strict rules have contributed greatly in ensuring that people maintain fair playing habits and are not lured into duping other and making money out of other in an unfair manner. Other online poker sites should follow suite and enforce strong laws which do not condone colluding and further bar perpetrators from being allowed into the poker rooms if at all they are caught colluding.