Poker Regulation News provides players with up-to-date information on the latest changes in poker regulations. As opposed to other sites, updates its content regularly allowing players to have first hand information on the rapidly dynamic circumstances that surround the poker world. This site will give you information on the best strategies to use while playing your poker and advice extensively on the different rules and regulations put in place either by poker rooms or certain law bodies. For example, the site was very quick to capture the information on the UGIEA Bill in America and give players first hand information on what was going on.

Poker site requirements
One of the things that does is to inform people on the requirements to join certain sites. Some people are not privy of the requirements before joining and depositing money in a poker site. For example, many sites give out bonuses for joining. There’s a catch however. One must play in order to receive the bonus. Others require a certain minimum without informing the new joiners. keeps people on their toes by giving them necessary information to avoid misunderstandings later on. Matters relating to rakeback, table hopping and other pokerbot strategies may also be found here. They inform people on the issues that may be unforeseen or not clearly understood by the general public.

The site also has a search page which allows people to type in exactly what they want to learn more about. will inform you on the ‘across-the-board’ rules and regulations of poker playing in case one is a new player and thereafter keep you well informed about the much inner details as you go ahead. Information is power and this site helps you learn the dynamics of the game and know more about the game. An in-depth description of any query is available at

Legal hotspots
Most poker rooms generally protect players by monitoring closely the playing habits and keeping a check on each of the tables in the poker room. Some clearly warn on what they do not allow in their poker rooms, for instance some clearly indicate that poker bots are not allowed. In the case that an individual uses bots to play in such websites, the account is immediately shut down. Others go as far as to install software which can detect malpractices in the poker room and eject unscrupulous players. Some other sites offer bonuses and other rewards to cushion players from heavy losses. Though money-back guarantees are not often offered, some websites offer to refund money back to the players in case they tend to be on a continuous losing streak.

Arrangements like this however should be made clear to customers before signing them up so as to avoid problems. You may find that some sites may refund a certain percentage of the deposits and not the total amount. This should be made clear to customers. Such measures ensure that players are well protected and can enjoy a fair game of poker without undesirable issues arising later on.

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